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Kate Middleton was sashaying down the ramp in a body-hugging sheath dress at a St. Andrews University fashion show, for which Prince William, of the British Royal family, paid to get a seat. Although William and Kate were friends and went to the same university, he couldn’t help but see her in a different light that evening. They started dating, eventually graduating and carrying on a long distance relationship, as William started his military career.

Eventually the distance and media attention got to them and they split in 2007. But thankfully, not for long! By the end of the year, they missed each other too much and got back together. Soon enough, William put a huge engagement ring on her finger in 2010 and they were married and assumed their duties as Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. With three small kids and many royal engagements, the couple still make  time for date nights and family vacations… aww!

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