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This good looking couple first met at the 1996 Deauville Film Festival, where Catherine was prompting her movie The Mask of Zorro and Michael was there too with his movie A Perfect Murder. Their mutual friends and former couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas introduced them at a private dinner and Douglas politely asked to sit next to her.

She joined him later for a nightcap where he told her that he would be the father of her children, and that’s when she said goodnight! Michael later sent her flowers to apologize and she was hooked! This couple contacted family lawyers even before they got married in 2000, since they needed to draw up a prenuptial agreement that states that Zeta-Jones receives $2.8 million per year from her husband, and if Douglas ever cheats on her, he has to pay her $5 million. So far, so good!

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