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Jessica Seinfeld was being swarmed by divorce attorneys in October 1998 as she wanted to end her marriage to theatre producer Eric Nederland. What’s surprising is that she had been married to Eric for only 4 months and the couple had just returned from their 3-week Italian honeymoon, when she met Jerry at a health club and fell for him. They ended up getting engaged just a month later in November 1998!

Jerry was already a star, with his TV show Seinfeld doing very well, when they got married in December of 1999. Now, more than 30 years and 3 kids later, the couple is still giving us couple goals, and even though they like to keep their personal life private, their love shines through. The secret to their love, Jessica jokes, is chicken parmesan and Italian food, as she is a fabulous cook and Jerry, a big foodie!

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