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Warren, the star of Bonnie and Clyde, really didn’t paint himself a good picture when it came to relationships, since he was seen as a womanizer with a long list of high profile girlfriends from the 60s, 70s and 90s, such as Julie Christie, Diane Keaton and Madonna. So when he got married in 1992 to actress Annette Bening, who is 21 years his junior, people were genuinely shocked.

It was 1991 when he cast Bening in his movie Bugsy and met her for the first time at a production-organized lunch, and suddenly the delicious garlic chicken he was eating lost all taste when he laid eyes on her. Apparently, in those 7-8 seconds, he knew he would marry this hugely talented actress. Beatty and The American President star have been married for 27 years and raised 4 kids together.

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