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Ted Danson of Cheers fame and actress Mary Steenburgen, who won an Oscar for the movie Melvin and Howard, may have been doing exceptionally well in their respective careers but they had both given up on love, that is until they co-starred in the movie Pontiac Moon in 1994. After a 5-hour shoot in a canoe for the movie, they got talking and the rest was history, as Ted mentions in an AARP Magazine interview.

In the past, had apparently cheated on his then-wife, Casey Coates, with actress Whoopi Goldberg and then had to cough-up an estimated $30 million in the divorce settlement. And Mary, too, had divorced actor Malcolm McDowell in 1990. The couple decided to take a chance and eventually got married, and they’re still going strong after 25 years together with 4 step-children and three granddaughters between them.

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