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Spartacus star and Douglas family patriarch, Kirk, and wife Anne, are the kind of rare couples that you don’t find any more in Hollywood. The pair got married in 1954 and have been inseparable even as they celebrated 65 amazing years together! And did you know that their combined age is 202 years, since Kirk is 102 and Anne is 100 years old!

Anne was living in Paris working in film PR when she was introduced to Kirk by a friend. The handsome actor was known to be a womanizer then and was engaged to another actress, and so Anne wasn’t very impressed. This made Kirk pursue her and the rest is history. The couple has had their share of major health issues (Kirk suffered stoke and tried committing suicide, while Anne had breast cancer) and even tragedies, since one of their sons, Eric, passed away at the age of 46 due to issues with addiction.

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