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A Star is Born actor Sam Elliott has been playing tough bikers, military and cowboy characters for a majority of his acting career, but his heart did turn into putty when he saw actress Katharine Ross when they were filming a horror movie called The Legacy together. Ross was the leading lady, and already a star, having acted in The Graduate and The Stepford Wives, so he was wary of talking to her, as he admitted during an interview with AARP Magazine!

They kept meeting each other on set and eventually Cupid struck. While Sam was never married before, Ross had been divorced 4 times, with none of her relationships lasting more than 5 years! Keeping that aside, the couple got married, had a daughter named Cleo Rose and they couldn’t be happier! They even acted together again in 2017’s The Hero, where Sam’s real wife played the character of his ex-wife.

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